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Major, A T M Nazmul Huda

Major, A T M Nazmul Huda


Mob: 01769013612, Tel: 3612

Major Responsibility:

1. Act as OC, Sta HQ Dhaka Cantt & perform the fol tasks :

Estb Br

  • a. All admin of Sta HQ.
  • b. Discipline of JCO’s/OR of Sta HQ.
  • c. Sy and detailling gds of Sta HQ.
  • d. Accn for JCO’s/OR of Sta HQ.
  • e. Emp of civil staff of Sta HQ.
  • f. Unit docus incl sheet roll etc.
  • g. Supervision of various stores of Sta HQ.
  • h. All Trg activities of Sta HQ Dhaka.
  • j. Mait of info centre.
  • k. Central Registry (CR).

Q-1 Br

  • a. Alt of House and Garage to the Offrsincl AFNS/Civ.
  • b. Maintaining of FAAS (Family Accn Alt Sys).
  • c. Issuing of House Rent Cert.
  • d. Out living permission for Offrs.
  • e. Coord & eviction of Offrs accn.

Accts and ECR Br

  • a. Handling of accts of Sta HQ.
  • b. ECR related fun.

2. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters