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Major Responsibility:

Q-2 Br

1. JCO/OR/NC(E) Accn Alt:

  • a. Allotment of JCOs/OR/Followers married accn of Dhaka and Mirpur cantt (Sta Pool) and outliving permission.
  • b. Coord & eviction of JCO’s/OR/Followers accn and markets of Sta HQ

2. All Exam, School & CWC

  • a. Coord of all Exams ie: Lt to Capt, Capt to Maj and DSCSC Entrance Exam all type of mil/civ exam .
  • b. Admin of the CWC at Dhaka, Mirpur, & employment of doctor in coord with CMH.
  • c. Protocol/ceremony/celebration. Coord any Cultural Prog/Ceremonial fun incl various display.
  • d. Coord/liaison of staff wk on sta matters between units/fmn.
  • e. Coord and asst Comd in smooth fun of the School/Colleges inside cantt.

3. BTS/Dish/Internet. All corres and admin of BTS and Dish.

4. Market & All lease.

  • a. Alt/Contract deeds and admin of shops/ponds/Bill Board/flyover/foot over bridge/Psgr Shed/Canteen supervised by the Sta HQ.
  • b. Admin of the Narayangonj Market Supervised by Sta HQ incl sy arng.
  • c. Admin of other Markets Supervised by Sta HQ (Dhamalkote, Vashantek, Kafrul, Mirpur-14 and Baganbari etc) incl sy arng.

5. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters.