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Major, Mohammad Quamrul Islam

Major, Mohammad Quamrul Islam


Mob: 01769013616, Tel: 3616

Major Responsibility:

A Br

1. Sta Matters

  • a. Info reveille & retreat, PT/Games, Office timing/Dress for winter/summer to all concerned.
  • b. Gen admin of Sta Offrs Mess.
  • c. Convene Sta order for stock taking/Svy of mess handing/taking and standing audit board.
  • d. Contract rate and Deed of Dhobi, tailor and Barber of Dhaka Sta
  • e. Admin of Mosque and Mosque fun, other religious centres within Dhaka Sta.
  • f. Hygiene, Sanitation & anti mosque drive of Dhaka Sta.
  • g. Gym, Swimming pool, Play Grd, other sports/amusement facilities.
  • h. Wreath Laying for VVIP/VIP at Shikha Anirban and other places with dhaka Sta through Cantt Board.

2. Cantt Board and Conservancy

  • a. Arrange Funerals and Janaja incl Funeral Wreath and admin of Mil Graveyard.
  • b. Maint of shikha onirban.
  • c. Gardening/Beautification of all AOR in coord with Cantt Board/fmn/unit concerned.
  • d. Maint and cleanliness of res bldgs, park, garden lawns.
  • e. Coord & Supervising Cantt Board related fun.
  • f. Admin of DOHS through Cantt board.
  • g. Plantation/maint of land scape/Flower beds
  • h. Allotment of Conservancy Budget.
  • j. Taking Acct & empl of Conservancy.

3. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters.

  • a. Alt/Contract deeds and admin of shops/ponds/Bill Board/flyover/foot over bridge/Psgr Shed/Canteen supervised by the Sta HQ.
  • b. Admin of the Narayangonj Market Supervised by Sta HQ incl sy arng.
  • c. Admin of other Markets Supervised by Sta HQ (Dhamalkote, Vashantek, Kafrul, Mirpur-14 and Baganbari etc) incl sy arng.

5. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters.