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Major, Enamul Karim

Major, Enamul Karim


Mob: 01769013618, Tel: 3618

Major Responsibility:

Major Responsibility:

Q-3 Br

1. Q-3 Sec

  • a. Land admin, area, bldgs, official bk alloc.
  • b. Detailing of Sta board.
  • c. Coord of units perm mov.
  • d. Issuing of rly warrant/MC note of Dhaka Sta
  • e. Issue of movO and detention cert to other sta pers
  • f. Coord /maint/ Supervision of Fire fighting arng of the Sta.
  • g. Admin of offrs on Deputation within Dhaka (Except Rat and Milk Card).
  • h. Coord of eviction and aquisition of land.
  • j. Fiber optics and Internet.

2. MES

  • a. MES related fun-Minor Wks, Projects Wks and Maint Wks.
  • b. Convening of MES board (Demolition/Constr).
  • c Supervision & abandoned house Dhaka Sta.
  • d. AC permission of Offrs accn.
  • e. Master Plan of Dhaka Sta.

3. Sy Arng of the Sta

  • a. Coord of Sy of Dhaka, Mirpur and Postogola Cantt
  • b. Coord with Sy Committee for Residential Areas.
  • c Sy Clearance of civ pers/entering into Dhaka Sta
  • d. Issuing of labour pass to MES/Constr workers.
  • e. Admin of firing Rang.
  • f. Detailing and briefing of GDOs.
  • g. Lighting permission for prog inside cantt.

4. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters.