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Major, Md. Akhtar Uzzaman

Major, Md. Akhtar Uzzaman


Mob: 01769013620, Tel: 3620

Major Responsibility:


1. MT Corres

  • a. Detailing of Govt tpt for various admin/op duties of Dhaka Sta.
  • b. Signing of all types of Indents of all mil vehs of Dhaka Sta .
  • c. Detailing of MT Accident C of I
  • d. Act as MTO Sta HQ incl sy arrangement of MT park/snk line.
  • e. Detailing of School Bus and issuing Bus Card.
  • f. Detailing of tpt, economy wagons and make provision for sta sports and recreation.

2. Sta Order & IT.

  • a. Signing of all kind of Sta order (Rat, Mess maint order Auction, Fire Fighting order etc) .
  • b. Act as IT offrs of Sta HQ
  • c Daily updating of Sta HQ website.
  • d. Maint of Info cen of Sta HQ.
  • e. Maint of Conf room/Ops room of Sta HQ.
  • f. Coord & Supervising Canteen, CSD, Filing Sta, Golf Club inside Cantt.
  • g. Act as Fd Mess Secy of Sta HQ Fd Mess.

3. Public transport & Transit Pass Sec

  • a. Temp pass for civ truck/van
  • b. Issuing of Sticker for public tpt.

4. Sticker Sec

  • a. Issuing of sticker for Pte Car.
  • b. Issue of civ ID Card (All Dvr).

5. Will asst Sta Comd on above matters.